September 10, 2017

Show me the money!

Ever follow a blog and get cozy with the denizens thereof, developing a rapport, fellow followers become like family, etc.? You trundle through the political wars together, lapping up the day-by-day posts and threads that skewer the absurdity of your opponents and pick your spirits up when things seem blackest?

I migrated through a lot of high-level blogs and rubbed elbows with some of the heavy-hitter commenters and -- wham! -- just when things could not be nicer, the owner of the blog gets dollar signs in his eyes and monetizes the site!

What a wand wilter!

Now, don't get me wrong! I am a raging capitalist just like the rest of youse guys and I am all for each living off the salt of their brow and the fruits of their labors. But, the thing I don't like is the unadulterated obtrusiveness of the little click-bait inserts and how they totally obliterate the continuity of what was once a perfectly fine purveyor of political screed. And, I guess the thing that send me into a tailspin is how total tasteless and -- well -- low rent some of these beauts are. See below.

Above are two types of the "here's a bunch of people you gotta see". Your appetite is whetted for an exposé a list of asshole-confirmatory-narration or honey-to-hag transformations or the revelation of a beloved star who croaked last week after choking on her Zwieback but you end up clicking through one of those slide shows where it shows NOTHING like the initial tease that attracted you. Some are out-and-out fabrications.

These are ones that cull your cache of links and present you with stuff you are following on eBay or are contemplating purchasing at Amazon. These are terrifying reminders about how truly intrusive the machinery in the internet can be. Just be damn glad you buy your suppositories, MaxiPads, Kotex, rubbers, catheters, KY Jelly and other personal medical supplies at Rite-Aid and not on the internet!

And it continues. Magical potions that eliminate the need for exercise or diet or magical incantations or rituals that will guarantee you a lotto win in the next three months -- replete with the requisite hag or hick pic:

I was too late to capture the truly revolting pictures they sport of festering boils, ingrown toenails, blackened skin, or unruly facial hair, etc. But you know what those are like.  However, below is one that keeps reappearing and has a picture of (I am guessing) Sara Palin that reminds me of someone else from Mel Brooks movie:

Need I say more.

My last thought is I thank The Almighty the traffic is so pathetic here. I would NEVER want to inflict this trash on anyone who visits!

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