September 13, 2016

You cannot make this shit up..

It seems that HRC is/will be -- I hope you're sitting down -- featured in the October issue of Women's Health magazine.

Well, I told you to sit down, didn't I?

Well,, courtesy of Breitbart, here it is -- or at least a tweet about it:

But that ain't all. It gets better:

When asked about the biggest obstacle she faced during her campaign, Clinton said it was the new media culture.

“In the heat of a campaign, in a culture that rewards brevity and clever phrases on social media, it can be really tempting to give simple answers to complex problems,” she said. “That’s never been my style.”

She asserted that she was “a little wonky” but believed in discussing specifics in her proposals.

Clinton called for women across the country to work for change in America, to make it more equal between women and men.

“As first lady, senator, and secretary of state, I would watch world leaders roll their eyes whenever I brought up issues that affect women and girls,” she said. “But with persistence – and data – I’ve watched it dawn on more than a few men that women’s issues are their issues too.”

I think I am gonna barf. Can you imagine four years with a tyrannical shrieking psycho-bitch like this. One of the bloggers on the old Hot Air used to call her "America's Ex-Wife".

Not too far from the truth, that!

UPDATE: But, as long as we're on the subject of truth, here's an asshole who has not been known to purvey much of it:

CNN is orgasming because his approval rating is somewhere around the high 50s but they don't realize it's because he's on his way out and a lot of us are happier to see his ass end than his front end. I frankly hope he dies in a fire.

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