September 15, 2016

[Back] On the Road Again..

Worth the wait? You tell me as Hillary seemingly picks up where she left off before doing the Funky Chicken and being the object of a Sunday morning Bag Toss into her Scooby Van at Ground Zero on Sunday, 9-11-2016.

Her sidekick, Kaine, did not exactly pack 'em in either up in Cow Hampshire. He beat HRC's crowd but only by abbout 60 soulds He had a protester jump his bones after he gave his speech but, other than that, it was pretty desultory:

As one cementer observed it's a pretty patnhetic showing when you consider about 40 were the press, 25 was security detail, 30 were protestors, 90 were paid shills...the balance was Kaine's or HRC's immediate family and some guys with nothin' to do.

Ms Peggy Lee said it so well..

And so did the late great Dandy DOn Meridith with his rendition of Willie Nelson's favorite:

So, the old adage must be true: Hillary sucks.

1 comment:

  1. Trump brings 30,000 to an event, Hillary brings 300 and Jeb! (remember him, not many do) brought people who wanted his brother's autograph.

    But Hillary has the media behind her, so the news will say that 300,000 people showed up.