September 5, 2016

Pee Diddely Shit..

So, it seems that Donald Trump has lit a fire under a number of assholes' asses with his outreach to the black community -- and it seems to have especially annoyed some of the race pimps who perceive Trump and moving in on their territory. Here's a blast From BB on the subject from two of 'em:

In an interview with Al Sharpton on Sunday, rap and fashion mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs urged the African-American community to “turn up the heat” on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, because their issues have not been addressed under President Obama’s leadership.

“I feel like we put President Obama in the White House. When I look back, I just wanted more done for my people because that’s the name of the game,” Diddy told Sharpton on the latter’s MSNBC show PoliticsNation on Sunday.

“This is politics. You put somebody in office, you get in return the things that you care about for your communities. I think we got a little bit shortchanged,” the 46-year-old mogul continued. “That’s not knocking the president. …He’s done an excellent job, you know, but I think it’s time to turn up the heat because the black vote is going to decide who is the next president of the United States.”

That's rich. These guys -- both wealthy and black get together and beat their gums about a black president who "dint do nuffin" for their people arguably cause race relations to deteriorate int he eight years he was he HNIC.

Look, I understand where they are coming from and blacks have EVERY RIGHT to be pissed off at politicians who patronize them EVERY TWO TO FOUR YEARS, get their vote, and then go into hiding until the next elections. Shit howdy, I can't stand these butt wipe pols myself and, compared to some crack whore in the projects, I am "a honky wif a crib and gitas and a ride and I be livin' large"..

..or however you say it.

I also see where they would get annoyed at the GOPe who NEVER EVEN GOES THERE AND ASKS FOR THEIR VOTE. Nutless, dickless McStain and Mutt Rumbley just hung with their rich posses and soldiered on with out any outreach howsumever. So, as far as them government is concerned, black folks can choose a shithead form column A or a shithead form column B.

Speaking of shitheads, here's his opponent on the subject of this outreach:
During a speech in August in Reno, Nevada, Clinton accused Trump of being disingenuous with his outreach to African-American voters. Clinton also accused Trump of “mainstreaming” white nationalism.

“Donald Trump misses so much,” Clinton said. “He doesn’t see the success of black leaders in every field, the vibrancy of black-owned businesses, the strength of the black church. He doesn’t see the excellence of historically black
colleges and universities or the pride of black parents watching their children thrive.”
Well, there you go, folks! From her hidden bunker and hospital room somewhere in upstate New York or at some Hollywood or Hamptons or Woods' Hole fundraiser, Frau Colostomy Bag chirps out some meaningless blather during her busy schedule of NOT going to Louisiana or NOT going to Mexico City like we give a flying crap. Add to that the fact that she has been part of the problem since she and her husband (the real "First Black President") arrived on the scene in early '91 locking up them soul brothers and doing jack shit for the racial tensions as FLOTUS, Senator form New York, and SOS."

Shut your pie-hole, you insufferable, sclerotic old cunt.

So then, of course (and rightfully or wrongfully), I believe Donald Trump is motivated to do this outreach for the same reason he was motivated to run for President. Basically, he's a 71-year-old man with all the money he needs to care for his family and live out his life in comfort and relative worry. He sure as shit does not need the stress and aggravation he's getting on the campaign trail now from the media and the Democrats and the race pimps and all of the rest of this crowd who have turned the United States of America into a shit pile of weak, mewling assholes and GimmeDats. And, when he wins the election, this will only increase exponentially.

Also, there's a history of race pimps on the subject of Donald Trump that makes their words today pretty embarrassing:

Like I said, expect people to whine when you move in on their territory.


  1. There are a lot of fancy negroes who have contributed to the relative misery of the inner city black experience, profiting from their "brother's" pain. Trump's solution is quite simple: JOBS and economic prosperity is one of those things that everyone can benefit from. Reagan demonstrated that.

    Barack is just another one of those people who benefited from the poor without EVER doing anything to improve their situation beyond making food stamps and other forms of enslavement more readily available. The last thing that the Dems want is a black population that is NOT dependent on the government.

    The end of the Civil War just changed ownership of the blacks from farmers in the South to the Government. And many of them remain 'slaves' in an even more desperate, multi-generational horror. Trump's solution isn't to pander to their color, but to offer them a real way out. The race baiters can't tolerate this. Their wealth and personal welfare requires that the blacks continue to be dependent.

  2. I was pulling for the Bruins, but they came up a bit short against the Aggies on the road. But we both can agree that the drubbing that USC took at the hands of the Crimson Tide felt pretty good.

    Now that both UCLA and USC lost, maybe my #24 Ducks can move up in life.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Thank you for your observations! I DO believe the reactions were similar in nature to the GOPe #NeverTrumpers in D.C. who truly fear an incursion on their turf and concomitant decrease in their business. All have had it too cozy for too long.

    On the matter of Bruins and college football in general, Fredd, I was sorry to see UCLA piss away the first three quarters and the OT by virtue of the rancid O-line that they have. ("We're rebuildng.") However, the fact that USC was absolutely pummeled by Alabama more than salves the wounds. (The LAT headlines for this epic struggle: "Stroll, Tide".)

    After divesting ourselves of the hated Mazzone father-and-son duo (who called the trick play for aTm allowed the winning TD), once more UCLA coaching is square in the sights of the fans. Mark September 24th on your calendar; it's the UCLA-Stanford game (in the Rose Bowl) and will, arguably be for Mora's credibility. He will have to put up or shut up. My guess is that there will be a mouthful of cotton balls and mumbles as Mora squanders YET ANOTHER opportunity to prove out his recruiting.

    Sadly, the Dux are not on the schedule. They would be a worthy bellwether for UCLA. Same approximate location in the rankings, same talent level, altogether different coaching staff competencies. (Hell, I might even become a DUx fan!)

    As for myself, when I turn against my team (as I have done now), it is because they evince the bloated, overly smug mien that 8-4 and a trip to the Amarosa Turkey Sausage Bowl (or similar) is perfectly fine and "on trajectory".

    Yet, Palo Alto, Eugene, deep in the crack-infested hood of Figueroa and the 110, and similar down-market locales have proven adequate enough to produce Grade A football teams.



    I thought not.

  4. I used to work at a Figueroa address in Gardena, CA. I made sure I never worked late.

    And we would welcome you with open arms as a Dux fan. All you gotta do is practice that "O" thing with your hands. I know you can do it...