September 16, 2016


So there's this deal: some time ago the "Birther" issue surfaced. This was the conjecture over The Lawn Jockey POTUS's place of birth and whether he was an American citizen (and eligible to be POTUS) or not. Lost in the mists of time and riddled by accusation and counter accusation is who started it, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Frankly, I do not give a crap!

I do know that Trump was prominent in that conjecture, forcing Obama to eventually produce his birth certificate. I also know that Clinton used that issue in her failed run for the nomination versus Obama in 2008. I also know that, given the increased desperation of Clinton in the wake of her slowly disintegrating campaign this year, she is pulling out all the stops and throwing everything against the wall to see what will stick. And this birther issue seems to be one of those chunks of goo that Frau Colostomy Bag is hefting at the moment.

So Trump seizes on the opportunity today and says he's going to make a big announcement on the subject. Immediately, Hillary took the bait. America's ex-wife thought she had Trump lined up in her sights so she came out and made the acerbic video below anticipating that Trump was going to re-open the issue.

And then here's Trumps big announcement:

That's right! At the end, he says that Obama's a citizen and the matter is closed!

So it's a 30-minute commercial spot of him being endorsed by 17 Medal of Honor winners at a the opening of one of his new hotels and it ends up that Trump (1) suckered Hillary into giving that horribly negative and disgraceful talk and appearing to be the clueless bitch she really is, (2) got 30 minutes of FREE air time out of CNN (as conceded by by John Hill of CNN), (3) got glowing endorsements from the 17 American military heroes, and (4) laid the matter to rest and relegated it to the scrap-heap should his opponents or the media bring it up again.

Clear to me that while others are playing checkers, Trump is playing chess.

Hillary's probably just playing Mumbly Peg.

UPDATE: It seems like this Birther thing is going through the last conniptions of its death throes. the two campaigns are fighting to get in the last word or, in the case of a pissing contest, the last squirt. Well, Breitbart has come up with this tidbit:

Jesus! It's a non-essential, desperate Hail-Mary issue that has little relevance and won't advance the ball for Frau Colostomy Bag. Even if she did/does succeed on pinning the responsibility for the birther meme on The Donald, who the fuck cares?

I gotta tell ya, if Hillary had a dick (which she probably does; at least an enraged clitoris), she'd be stepping all over it.

She should switch to the Republican party; they do that sorta shit all the time.

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  1. The birther issue eclipsed the issue of him attending school as an "Indonesian Citizen" and receiving grants to do so. Oh, well, at this point what difference does it make. Obama will be consigned to the scrap heap of history and will end up like Jimmy Carter, as a gadfly that nobody cares about.

    And Trump looks as if he has a solid chance of winning the election and reopening the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. She'd better flee to North Korea while she has the chance...I don't think that Putin would take her.