September 3, 2016

Of all the gin joins in all the towns..

Here is something I stumbled on that just riveted me right down to my socks:

I responded to this dear, sweet lady:

Ma'am, you can wander through the blizzard of rhetoric, comments, and written articles and editorials and not find a comment MORE SALIENT AND PERTINENT AS YOURS.

You have distilled the essence of Mr Trump's popularity: he has articulated our pain and anger and frustration with our elected government and has promised that he will be our voice as our president.

God bless you ma'am and God bless the good people of this United States of America.


  1. I don't even scream at the TV anymore. I can't stand to listen to Barack or even to see him. What an ignorant, repugnant, puerile, punk.

    And Hillary is worse, even though I didn't think that possible.

  2. LL,

    I am the same; I cannot abide watching EITHER of them for more than a minute. If it is something substantive (or a major gaffe), I just read the transcripts and leave it go at that.

    Somewhere, I read that when Trump comes on, people turn the volume up to hear what he is saying. The opposite goes for Hillary -- if not changing the channel.

    A commenter over at the old Hot Air -- Schadenfreude -- called her "America's Ex-wife".