May 29, 2016

Time to differentiate..

Consider this video of a father protecting his son from anti-Trump protesters in San Diego this past week:

(Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.)

And then there's this video of students in Mexico City speaking their mind to a cardboard cut-out of The Donald:

Again, conflating Trump's positions with racism because..why, exactly? Help me out here. I am confused.

Of course, their opinions are valid and some are well-reasoned and sans the vitriol of their ILLEGAL protesting countrymen in El Norte. We understand the problems and drugs in Mexico and would be happy to help were the government of that country AT EVERY LEVEL not so corrupt. As to Donald Trump's so-called racism, he has LEGALLY employed many Americans of Hispanic descent and given them opportunities. Let me repeat: He LEGALLY EMPLOYEES them; he does not steal from the American people and provide ILLEGAL ALIENS with benefits we pay for with our taxes.

Moreover, your people who come to our country as ILLEGAL ALIENS only look at El Norte as a way to get a quick (albeit hard-earned) buck and who send the money back to your impoverished country. I know and respect a great many Hispanics in this country -- illegal and legal -- who do work hard and try to escape the corruption, cartels, and oppressive poverty that is extant in Mexico. I am sympathetic as well. But, until the people of Mexico take steps to eliminate the corruption and elect a government that rightfully and honorably protect their people, your country will be a teeming morass of folks chasing mordidas and drug money payouts. And it will not be a problem that our country and our people are obligated to solve -- unless the cross-border traffic imperils our citizens and our economic interests.

By the way, Trump wants to fix immigration so that more can come into this country, share in its bounty, and make us great. Up here, most of us Trump supporters honor any immigrant from any land so long as they have a commitment to family, loved ones, a decent life -- and to America first.

Would you rather your impoverished countrymen have a better opportunity at legal status where they would be paid a decent wage for their efforts or continue to be "imported" by the Dem/GOPe Uniparty who exploit your expatriate citizens for their votes and ever-cheapening labor?

(Oh, as long as we're on the subject of working in a foreign country, how should I go about seeking employment in Mexico? Should I just head down across the border to Ensenada and fill out an employment app at a local hotel or bar? Or do I have to apply for a work visa or other legally recognized government immigrant work status? And, come to think about it, how's the Mexican/Guatemala immigrant issue working out for you all? Compare an contrast, snowflakes.)


  1. Mexico always was, is, and will always be a shit hole. There is no hope for that country, and we need a wall that is 200 feet high, has a foundation 80 feet deep and machine gun turrets every 500 yards along its expanse.

    Suggesting that Mexico can be fixed is like expecting a sumo wrestler to order a salad.

    Ain't gonna happen.