May 31, 2016

Quashing internet evil..

I note this morning that our internet social nannies/betters have vowed to nip hate speech in the bud:

Here's another howler from the Euro-Commie thought-crime police:

One assumes this "diligence" will include the vile sewage stream flowing out of the immigrants/liberal nut-lickers calling Trump a Nazi (and worse) as well as the relentless diatribe by the R.O.P. goat humping head-hackers in the desert. Of course, it's just an enabling, worthless, hypocritical, feel-good circle-jerk by the entitled billionaires who seek to control our thought crimes.

Personally, I have no problem with seeing and reading folks' crap about Trump, the mewling that "entitled" ILLEGAL immigrants post, nor the Mooz-lem convert-or-die filth. It only shows how evil, idiotic, and misguided these people are.

..Elate Five-Seven out.

*FM squelch tail*

ADD INTERNET EVIL: Well, here's a little tidbit to show you that Mexican Anti-Trumpers have their feet planted firmly on the ground:

Yessir, folks! So then it's o.k. to teach my youngest child to memorize a diatribe like "murder that lying, fat sow criminal Dem candidate, Hillary Clinton!" Well, based on this, I would say so. But then my youngest child is a 26-year-old U. S. Marine Corps Sargent transitioning to the USAF to do EOD -- and already feels very strongly re Clinton and her ability to serve as his commander-in-chief.

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