May 27, 2016

Frotzing Nancy-boy Lawn Jockey POTUS invades Asia..

..well, well, well. Seems our frotzing Nancy-boy Lawn Jockey POTUS is mincing around Asia butt-smooching/hugging/fellating all manner of Orientals and profusely apologizing for all of our transgressions (real or imagined) in that mysterious corner of the world.

You will note the photo above how -- like all of the other shots with him and furrin' dignitaries -- he's turned sideways in the pic while the furriner is facing straight on like he does not give a fetid shit.

Also, to clear the record, as I have mentioned a bajillion times, Ms War Planner is a born-again daughter of the Land of the Rising Yen and, while Hiroshima and Nagasaki loom in their memories over there, they are also beset with uneasy feelings over how Japan comported itself in Korea, China, and the South Pacific in the 30s and during WWII.

That ship has sailed, they are among our staunchest allies, and many wish to move on and not pick at the 50-60 year old scab like this piece of shit does.

Oh, and how do the Japanese regard Obama? Well, in his first few years, they were all dazzled like most of the World was. But after a couple of trips through town mouthing his empty platitudes and promises and then going to South Korea and selling the Japanese out to them, they see him for the empty suit he really is.

Abe cannot tolerate him.

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