May 22, 2016

The [late] great George Carlin weighs in on PC talk..

..from beyond the vale, George Carlin weighs in on a major affliction of these latter years.

While he dwells on "liberals" in this diatribe, to be fair, Mr Carlin was an equal opportunity critic of the human condition. He would blast the right and left with equal zeal -- which is more than fine with me because, well, I am certainly not perfect and, hell, even Jesus has had some jokes or criticisms made about him. So, I enjoy chuckling at my faults and hypocrisies.

But I am sure that there are some who are -- ahem -- less tolerant of criticism and "free speech". Case in point, here's 15 minutes of cringe-worthy self-torture for we masochists. Can you imagine dating or marrying one of these irate snowflakes -- let alone existing in a world run by them?

Sure do love the F-bomb, don't they?


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