November 2, 2012

You want revenge, Crapsack™?

..I got your revenge right here.

POTUS Sack-o-Shit™ asked his voters to "take revenge" on election day:
During a speech in Springfield, Ohio, Obama talked about the Clinton administration and its economic plan that "asked the wealthiest Americans to pay a little bit more." Then he mentioned Mitt Romney, drawing boos from the crowd.

"No, no, no -- don't boo, vote," Obama said. "Vote. Voting is the best revenge."

It was a slight riff on the president's usual interjection when members of the audience start booing.
Romney was quick to pounce on that:

..and followed it up with this:
"I think it's a terrible message to be sending," Romney senior adviser Kevin Madden said. "The contrast could not be more stark. Governor Romney is out campaigning on a positive message of change while the president is talking about revenge."
Of course, one of Obama's minions wee-weed out something about Romney scaring people with his talk of Jeeps being made in China, but the whole conversation sure is indicative of who's winning and who is a nervous little man strutting around the country in his little POTUS USAF A-2 bomber jacket, afraid of losing his precious title and perks.

What a nutless frump!



  1. I voted already. It felt great to pass over that race baiters name and check Romney's name. To be honest, revenge was in my heart.

  2. Not to worry, WP.

    Crapsack is a one-termer. I just wonder what he will do after he vacates the White House. Hopefully he doesn't come back here to Illinois, but rather return to his roots in Kenya, or perhaps Indonesia.