November 7, 2012

What to do while waiting for the revolution..

..pull up a chair, get a libation, and watch this proposal by Bill Whittle:

It is long (over one hour and it rambles a bit and there are some funny embedded commercials) but it is a discussion of a sound idea for getting around government by adhering to all of the laws and without the muss and fuss of a bloody revolution or moving to Idaho and joining one of those survivalist communes.

Oh sure, you can move to Montana, but give this concept some consideration first.



  1. I'm halfway through and I have to say that Bill Whittle is awesome! And a bit manic, but he reflects our pain. God Bless him, and God Bless America.

  2. I guess -- after a fashion -- I shall be joining you and LCR in the "TRUE" quest for conservative leaders. Not that I regret the effort that Romney put forth but that our opponents were more formidable. And who would not be with the Greek chorus of the mainstream media to aid them?

    Manic? Who of us are not at this moment? But his description of the model of government -- the vertical model -- being a product the industrial revolution -- has merit. His assertion of the third wave possibly being the "informational revolution" has credence. Consider eBay, Amazon, etc. and others who have made markets on the internet. (I know my examples are woefully obvious, but it is 0735 PST two days after our country was from us "untimely ripp'ed".)

    Anyway, his concept is surprisingly well formed for a preliminary proposal and his sentiments about absolutely not looking back with recriminations is correct. It is energy misspent.

    The point of greatest significance, I believe, is the ceding of the archaic federal government to Reid and Obama and (even) Boehner as we construct our parallel structures.

    A belated but sincere thanks, by the way, for your consistent friendship and visits to my blog. You, LL, and Woodster are the true definitions of friends.

    God bless you and keep you and your family safe in his hands, M.A.


  3. Bill Whittle is amazing!