November 4, 2012

Tangential rant..

I posted the verbiage below over at Hot Air in response to a series of comments about poll, etc. It's my memories of 1980.
By the way, I gotta tangential rant on Dark Star's observation.

Raise your hand if you are an old codger like me and remember VOTING in 1980 to flush that drooling goober farmer! The rest of you gather 'round while the ol' War Planner regales you with his rapidly fading memories.

It was back in the Fall of ought-80 that we were saddled with that drooler but there warn't no interwebs or nothing. All we had was the Alphbets and a few polls. That bravo sierra that The Gummed Faerie was proliferating was absolute rubbish -- as was his goddam scatter chart showing reagan up mightily in the polls over Carter.


All we proles knew was (1) we hated Carter and (2) we woulda voted for Beelzebub instead of that road pie. We were all groveling for our Victory Gin and thin stew and chocolate ration and we were at war with Eastaisa (at the time) and them bastages had held our embassy folks for 444 days. WE HAD NO FREAKING IDEA WHO WAS AHEAD OR BEHIND. WE JUST WANTED CARTER GONE!

I stepped into the polling booth at about 1715 PST on that first Tuesday and pulled the chain. I had no freaking idea it was going to be a landslide.


No freaking idea!

When I got home at 1730 PST, my father-in-law told me Carter capitulated! So, this over-the-weekend movement towards Ronald Reagan may have gone on, but it was a well-kept secret from the average Joe like myself.

So, here's what I think: what you're seeing with all of the last-minute polling shenanigans may be partly these idjits trying to preserve their little A-2 bomber-jacket-wearing fruitball POTUS but it's probably partly the sausage being made that you can now see because of the intertoobes or something.

What's that HG commenter say?

Clear ether!

..thanks for listening. We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming.

..just wanted to preserve this. I think Tuesday, our nightmare will come to an end. Hope I am correct.



  1. I'm with you. The whole country has had enough of this communist in the White House.

    I'll be in Reno this morning to see Paul Ryan ... can't wait.

  2. God, I hope your right, I'll be reloading ...223's today, in case we get some revenge tomorrow ....
    R@R 2012..........;)

  3. As one geezer to another, I too remember stepping into that voting booth with fear and loathing in November 1980, praying to God in Heaven Almighty that we would not be put through another 4 years of Carter hell.

    I couldn't believe my eyes watching the Reagan landslide: Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw all had Carter re-elected, it was a sure thing.

    And today lo these many years later, it's as Yogi said, 'it's like deja vu all over again.'

  4. Gentlemen:

    You have made my day today! I want to thank you all for your comment both now and in the past. Especially for you, Woodster. You are a dear and faithful friend. I appreciate your encouragement these past (almost) four years.

    Angry Mike, thank you for the reminder. I am home from work today sick (of work) and should get out to the garage and put away a couple of hunnert rounds!

    And, as a Bruin, Fredd, I wanna thank your Dux for their destruction of The University of Soiled Condoms. If things keep going the way they are, the Dux will hook up with the Bruins for the PAC-12, 14, 16 (whatevs) championships!

    Think good thoughts, gentlemen, think good thoughts!