November 25, 2012

More Bill Whittle..

I cannot bring myself to bag on Mitt Romney who I believe is about as honorable a candidate as we could have. However, he lost.

Since the election, I have made the decision (like many, I am sure) to dial out of politics and devote my energies to the survival and prospering of my family. Unless and until a contingent of U. S. citizens (do not want to use the work “political party”) emerges with an inspiring message enunciating the principles of our Constitution, it will continue to be droning, ineffectual blather and cliches.

Mr Whittle emerged on election night with just such a message. His chats on this subject are below -- the first a shorter variant redux of the much longer second talk he did to the Hancock Park Patriots in SoCal. Both are worth pouring a neat dram of whiskey and watching.

Two things in Mr Whittle’s tone and words strike me: (1) his second amendment remarks are eerily reminiscent of those made by Tom Clancy’s President Jack Ryan in Executive Orders and (2) overall, his response to the personal wealth question is refreshingly like Ronald Reagan’s self-assured cockiness.

Unless and until we re-tool to have an inspiring message similar to Mr Whittle’s, we will see a steady parade of entitlement-seeker candidates elected.

If you chafe at the possibility that Mr Whittle's rant may be ineffectual, remember that the Tea Party was essentially by a rant from the trading floor back in February 2009.



  1. I decided to "Go Galt" and simply do business overseas with contacts I have there. Let the US do what the US does.

    Bread and circus won the day. It's not a new tune. It's galling, but it's not new.

  2.'s also called "enjoying life", LL, to the extent that we can afford to do it!