October 4, 2011

Reasons why I am grateful for our friendship..

(Apologies to my regular -- and irregular -- visitors for a hyper-cryptic post to a friend.)

Part I of a series
I traded a Heathkit receiver for one of the best two meter radios in the free world and did not have to go skulking about eBay for an auction where some a**hole with challenged photographic abilities and no tripod and obviously no sense of how to keep his equipment clean manages to con 12 eBay users (so far) into bidding on his dusty piece of sh*t radio that he clearly found under a mountain of debris in his shack:

"There's one born every minute.."
..yes, the 2800 still kicks a** and takes names. Plus the dirty little secret is that the massive display is really, really easy to read if you're an old guy.

Lord Belchfire,
First Shirt of the HRH Admiralty



  1. Keep in mind, this guys legs go vertical every so often. The horizontal surfaces of this guy's place is cluttered. Roaches and ants would be a real distraction.

  2. Supi,

    Good point. What I was trying to illustrate how absolutely delusional some eBay auctioneers are..

    ..and how you have to read between the lines when bidding. Look at the hovel in the background; you can judge from that and the exterior condition of the radio that it has probably not been well care for.

    The radio in question at one time retailed for $125 BRAND NEW WITH A WARRANTY. It is a hallmark of my particular avocation (amateur radio) that folks show up with their grime-encrusted pieces of crap and expect to get 95% of full retail for them.

    As I said, absolutely delusional.

  3. I'm keeping an eye on this auction to see if there is any last minute sniping.