October 15, 2011

Giving us the finger II..

Like most, I have been following the OWS stuff half-halfheartedly -- you know, the way you do when a spoiled your kid throws a tantrum and you are wrapped up in the aspects of your life that seem to be more significant, like earning a buck and draining the septic tank on the weekend. '

Anyway, the images that cross my ken seem to be those of frustrated too-late and pathetic too-old generations trying to capture and re-capture Woodstock.


Generally, it's pretty tedious and only made more by the MSM's and the Dem's Tea-Party-envy driven ballyhoo.

Then this image popped up:

All of a sudden, color me revolted. 

Diplomacy fails me now so let me just say that I hope every last one of these cretins either scores bad drugs and O.D.s or engages in unspeakable sex acts with the other filthy vermin in the various parks and assembly areas across this land and all of them -- every last one -- contract scorching cases of gonorrhea, the clap, crabs, the drizzlies, and their sexual organs turn a bright, vibrant green and fall off or out or whatever.

Twinkle this, assholes:

..sorry, but this stuff just chaps my posterior.

AGONIZING REAPPRAISAL UPDATE: O.K., so I was a little harsh last night and I apologize (but will not remove) my expletive. (Whose blog is this, anyway?) But I did find a wonderful rejoinder to the overall hypocrisy of the OWS movement: The inimitable Steve Crowder. Here is his take on this matter:

Works for me.



  1. I think you will enjoy this picture

  2. Yup! Thats what democracy looks like. In the eyes of Idiots!

  3. @Supi, that's what happens when you put government in charge of safety.

    The 47ers want more STUFF! These MORONS call themselves the "99" ... My ass, they're the .000000099%ers.

  4. ..kind of a metaphor for The Chicago's Jesus' stewardship of our country, no?

    Thanks, Supi and welcome aboard, Malcontent, stop by often!