October 12, 2011

Cracks, Part IV

Just a drive-by today. Drudge ran this comparison of the POSOTUS's turnout in Pittsburgh in October 2008 versus his rally yesterday:

I'll let you guess which is which.

Needless to say that this is getting somewhat embarrassing for Jerk-o. Yesterday, The Clown Prince of Chicago had his full JOBS (Just Obama Bull Sh*t) blown away by the Senate in an up-or-down vote, 50-49. The mechanics required a 60-vote majority and the Dems could not get support from the Republicans to get to that number. In fact, it flamed out when two Democrats -- fearing for their seats next year -- voted "No":
While the vast majority of Senate Democrats voted in favor of the president's job plan, a few -- including Ben Nelson of Nebraska and John Tester of Montana -- did not. Tester said, in a prepared statement, that "the things I support in this bill are outweighed by the things I can't support," including "sending billions of dollars in bailout aid to states."

The Senate version of the measure has little chance of clearing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
So that ought to stop this idiot's lips from flapping that absurd "Pass this bill" mantra, right?

No, Buckwheat is going to push on now, breaking the bill into small pieces where -- presumably -- his new mantra will be adorned with plurals:

"Pass these bills!"

To be sure, this never was about jobs, it's a campaign strategy and he has now garnered more fodder: it's become a MIRV and he can beat his gums even more about all of these little sub-bills. If he were serious about passing this turkey, he'd be back in D.C. working out compromises with the congressional membership. Instead, he's down in Florida having a beer with some pipe fitters, at his unctuous best oozing whistle-stop slime:
Obama sat at a table with four unemployed workers from the building trades, plus Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, at the Harp and Celt Restaurant and pub. “You guys are what this country’s all about,” Obama assured the patrons before asking them to share tales of the current economy.

The focus on “real people” who are searching for jobs and would potentially benefit from congressional action on the American Jobs Act is a feature of the White House campaign to “just pass the bill.”
..talk about shovel-ready. 

HOMAGE TO ODIE UPDATE: I ripped this fantastic picture off of The Woodesterman's site -- from another tour de force series entitled "They can't be at Walmart all the time". It's perhaps proof that THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS will now be adding Walmart as well as Target to her list of approved shopping places.

"Will someone please kill that big, white butterfly on my wife's chest?"


  1. She's probably just trying to balance out the bottom half. Not all of us can be boobilicious.

  2. *chortle*

    I dunno if I would classify her as anywhere near pulchritudinous as you imply. Something about personality. You know, like for me it was what a turnoff the absolutely devastatingly beautiful Kappas and Thetas were with their haughty, arrogant demeanor and how completely enamored I was with the "second tier" Gamma Phi Betas and AD-Chis. The latter group could converse, party, and drink me under the table!

    Not to sound like I'm hitting on you (happily married for 27 years) but I am wondering if the icon is you and what the other three quadrants look like.

    From the description on your blog (1) you sound interesting and (2) you should blog more!

    Thanks for visiting and good luck this semester; you're gonna need it. (Marketing, Philosophy, *and* Meteorology? Really?)

  3. Hardy har har at the Obomber ... Ima, give us a little more than a tease if you please.

    Hey what ever's fair ... I stole it too ... I think from um, um, um ... I'm old and can't bremember

  4. I knew you were happily married, TWP! My boobilicious comment was not meant to disrespect that nor did I think you were hitting on me!

    The icon is, indeed, me. In order to try to protect my privacy a little bit, I didn't put the whole picture on it. However, thanks to Facebook, too many of my RL friends know who Ima is and many of my online friends know my real-life identity. I think I should probably give up any illusions of privacy on that blog. I'll probably end up putting my full-face pic on the blog this weekend.

    Yes, those three classes plus a management of technology course. I call the Meteorology class my Atmospheric Propaganda class. There's a lot of global warming crap in it. I really need to complete my degree (in the spring!) so I can't challenge the professor too much. I've ranted about this in person but it really pisses me off to pay what I'm paying for school and be forced to memorize junk science so I can parrot it back to get the grade. Arrgh!

  5. "I call the Meteorology class my Atmospheric Propaganda class. There's a lot of global warming crap in it."


    Roger on all that. The married remark was because I wanted to let you know *my* intentions were only honorable. (i.e., not a D.O.M.)

    I never thought about the fact that a weather class would spew propaganda. But there you go; naive in my old age.

    Good luck on your degree; hope you revisit all the propagandists after you graduate and give them a heapin' helpin' o' blowback!

    ~thewarplanner at gmail.com

  6. You'd be stunned, TWP. I know I was. Even classes that you'd never think would be skewed to the hard left are. My nutrition class did it, my business law class did, too. I once read that one of the Marxists said that they didn't need to defeat us through war, they just needed a generation or two of educating our children. I'm overjoyed that my daughter is homeschooling my grandgirls.