December 8, 2010

Going to take a hiatus..

..feeling a little singed of late and need to engage in some other projects over the Holidays. Forgive me if I press "standby" for a while..



  1. Hi War Planner! I've not been around myself, due to computer problems. I hope you enjoy your rest and Holiday's. It's good to go offline for a while, and attend to all the other things we must do.
    Have some wonderful times, and Happy Holidays, and a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I understand as I'm sure other readers do. Remember, you can always take on LCR part time and at your leisure an not have to manage your own site. The offer will always be on the table ;)

    Email me if you want to chat! Merry Christmas, Bill

  3. What a lazy SOB. I guess I'll have to hold down the fort for you. You take as many vacations as the Golden Pantload.

    Have fun ....

  4. Lady and gentleman..and Odie,

    It ain't that serious; I just want to do some ham radio stuff and concentrate on some upcoming USAF Auxiliary work.

    I will be assuming the staff position of Group 7 (Southern California)_ Deputy Director of Communications and will be working for a Director whose health threatens imminent abdication in favor of yours truly. So the handwriting is on the wall and preparation is NOT contraindicated.

    ..all that, of course, is flowery persiflage for what Odie said. I am afraid he nailed it..


  5. Have a very Merry Christmas War and of course that is extended to all your family and the ones you hold dear to you!.

  6. We get places by making small moves, rather than by large leaps. We'll look forward to your return to blogistan.