December 22, 2010

Dennis Miller on life..

..and other important matters. I have loved this guy since his "9-11 conversion". I wish I coulda been turned on to him when he did MFN. Ten-minute rant; enjoy..

..only person who makes BO'REilly tolerable except when Laura stands in for Boring Bill. Nice to see/hear hip folks do the "I love America; Mooz-lems suck" shtick and have the audience applaud.

"Pelosi Galore"? I love it!



  1. War,,,I could not agree more! Miller has an excellent command of the English language, history and a wit when delivering both that only educated people might comprehend so sadly socialists will not get it.

  2. I confess to liking DM even before he "converted". But now he just kills me. I saw that on tv a couple weeks ago and had to hit pause on the DVR while I stopped to catch my breath from laughing.

  3. Dennis Miller is a great guy -- and I'm not going to rant about him -- but the DM metaphors just crack me up. Hey, he made a mistake by being a liberal. Everyone is entitled to say, "I was wrong."

    He's a very funny guy, but he's also passionate about what's right and wrong with America and you've got to love him for that.

  4. "The Big Portobella" Nicely turned phrase.
    "Thicker than a Charlie Sheen pre-nup." Also very nice.