December 22, 2010

Just sayin..

..or so these headlines on Drudge seem to be sayin':

Lip-flapper-in-chief, The Lying Sack.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, everybody. Party hearty these next seven days and then come back on 1-1-11 Ready To Rumble..



  1. I think you've nailed it with the "ready to rumble" remark. The Progressive abuses of power in the regulatory agencies starting NOW (FCC, EPA, FDA) and continuing until Obama is finally removed from office will be nothing if not a street fight (metaphorically speaking, of course). He's hoping we've removed enough RINO virus from the GOP blood stream ....
    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. Don't know what links from what other site I pressed to get here - glad I did==
    great takes on the issues -liked the D Miller video - a lot!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year War!

    (Whatcha got in the box, huh?)

  4. With focus like that, who needs lasers? Like el Rushbo said, this guy's administration is like graffiti on the walls of American presidential history.

    What a dreadful president, and We The People duly elected him. Shame on us, collectively.