December 11, 2010

A rare look at The War Planner..

I know many of us crave anonymity here on the blogosphere, but not the old War Planner. Yep, in fact I thought I'd post a video of me and my neighbors having a nice little chat on a Summer's eve last August. It seems they were curious about one onf my hobbies..

Betcha you all thought I looked like Slim Pickens. Well, of course I am much more handsome than that. I bear a striking resemblance to Claude Aikens. Of course, it's not all skittles and beer down there in the basement. I am constantly under fire form my HOA because of my antenna, BCI, and TVI. And some other governmental officials have problems with my operating practices.

..anyway, gotta go. I am starting to hear JA's and VK's on the low end of 40 meters and there's an old friend on the QRP calling channel up at 7,030 KHz.

72 ES GL.

dit. dit.


1 comment:

  1. War, I never got into Ham Radio but wish I had.

    There must be much "listening" by the government or better said government's to what is being transmitted.