December 15, 2010

Catching up..

I got decked by a cold a couple of days ago. It was, hopefully, a fast-mover and I am now in the draining stages, sitting with the TV remote, boxes of Kleenex, a bottle of Lismore, and my favorite USMC tumbler (a gift of The Good Lance Corporal last Christmas) close at hand.

So the cable offerings turned out to be homogenized road droppings. (How many times can one watch Ground Hog Day during the Christmas season, anyway?) And I can't go out to the ham shack in the garage for fear of exacerbating my malady. So 40m CW is out (the band is dead anyway) and the work on my BitX17a is forestalled.

So, I am in the process of visiting some sites from around the 'Rez and elsewhere and thought I would pathetically attempt to make this genius elsewhere go viral. (Please refrain from that inane sniggering, thank you.)

PICK SOME UP AT RITE AIDE IF YOU GO: Anyway, master of the macabre, big cheese of the bizarre, fuhrer of the funky, our own Woodsterman another in his series of motivational posters on offer. This one lept out at me:

So provocative on so many levels; what I want to know is where did the lady get that BIG Q-tip?

IT'S A DOG'S LIFE: On a slightly more conventional note, Supi over at Just An Artist provides this adorable insurrection by a canine coterie. A lovely and cute Christmas salutation:

No, it ain't the You Tube video; that's over at Supi's site. Give her a hit and watch it!

SIDEBAR HUMOR: The Malcontent rips off this Yuletide funny. Well, it's anti-Moozlem, anyway:

I almost forgot to tell you this important news: A friend of mine just started his own business.

He manufactures landmines that look like Muslim prayer mats. It's doing well.

He says prophets are going through the roof.

By the way, he is in NYC and his blog looks interesting. I want to do a little scouting and I'll get back to you.

AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE: Carol over at No Sheeples rolls out a parody of Koppel's Night Line series on America Held Hostage with Little Johnny One-Note and his famous whistling teeth. (Jee-zus! They're annoying!)

..and, no, this is not the real thing. Ya gotta go to No Sheeples' site to enjoy the experience.

Oh Drat! The glass is empty; I shall return..

PLUMBING NEW DEPTHS: Sorry about the delay. Mrs War Planner just finished putting up the tree here and -- and -- baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.  So, I just had to see how they went with a couple of slugs of Lismore.
(they were damned good, as a matter of fact!)

Anyway, here's some info that should warm all of your hearts on this chilly Christmas season night: The Child Emperor has seemingly slipped into a new outer orbit of Rasmussen numbers and his Strongly Approve number is THE LOWEST ON RECORD at 22% -- it is almost half of those who Strongly Disapprove and less than half of the Total Approve. Screw it, here's the numbers:

Click on me to view the gory details..
" ..[Obama's] chestnuts roasting by an open fire.."


  1. I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the HT. I thought Odie's Q-tip photo was scary until I saw the splats photo. Splats looks very much like my SIL. Now that's scary!

  2. Thanks Mister War Planner for the H/T. I have the video of that photo now. I down loaded it from "Porn 'R US" last night. You should see what she can do with that Q-Tip.

  3. Supi, Odie..glad to do it. You both and the others in the 'Rez have been carrying the water for me for a long time and I owe you.

    But, I must tell you, Odie, I think I'll leave it at the poster. That's troubling enough.

  4. Good job here buddy, we think alike.

    Thanks for your visit.

  5. Mal, problem; my sides still hurt but I am keep ahead of Achmed. I'll put you on the Blog List and stop by from time to time..

    ..stay safe and shut down that $%*&%! mosque near Ground Zero.