December 17, 2010

Date night, fellow babies..

(Because I felt like it, that's why..)

For the record:
She was a fast machine
She kept her motor clean
She was the best damn woman that I ever seen
She had the sightless eyes
Telling me no lies
Knockin' me out with those American thighs
Taking more than her share
Had me fighting for air
She told me to come but I was already there

'Cause the walls start shaking
The earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we were making it and you -

Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long

Working double time
On the seduction line
She was one of a kind, she's just mine all mine
Wanted no applause
Just another course
Made a meal out of me and came back for more
Had to cool me down
To take another round
Now I'm back in the ring to take another swing

'Cause the walls were shaking
The earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we were making it and you -

Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long

And knocked me out and then you
Shook me all night long
You had me shakin' and you
Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me
Well you took me

[..guitar riff..]

You really took me and you
Shook me all night long
Ooooh you
Shook me all night long
Yeah, yeah, you
Shook me all night long

Your really took me and you
Yeah you shook me, yeah you shook me
All night long..



  1. Kick ass War!

    Being I am a HUGE fan of AC/DC and have posted them before with no mention from you (to my recollection that is) I was not sure if you enjoyed their F__KING HEAD BANGING METAL JAMS!

    If you have ever seen them in concert you would know that videos do them no justice whatsoever!

  2. I truly cannot tell one AC/DC song from another.

    Like ZZ Top, each guitar riff sounds the same, imo.

    You wanna bang that head...listen to some Redemption! Killer band!

    All my opinion of course...AC/DC is rock and they get my respect in that regard.

  3. Gentlemen,

    I agree with both of you to a large degree -- said the slimy politician. Personally, I *love* ZZ Top; the look, the sound, and the fact that the only guy in the group who does NOT have one of those fantastic beards is And I love a number of AC\DC's work. "Rock Me" has some of the coolest, most impertinent words going about what I remember to be lust and feminine appreciation. The imagery is magnificent:

    "..she kept her motor clean.."

    And what are American thighs, anyway?

    But those two groups and Jethro Tull comprise the main staple in my head banger's feast and all occupy a hallowed spot on my .mp3 player, the "DIKE RIDE" subdirectory, and they accompany me on every training ride. (Well, at my advanced years and given the fact I don't race anymore, you can just call it a "a 20-mile fun ride on my Bottechia".)

    But always glad for recommendations and I will definitely check out Redemption.

    Tangentially, immediately after the nation consecrated this turd for POTUS, I was smitten with Twisted Sister's "We're not gonna take it" because it was the sound track of a very rebellious You Tube screed on Obama's impending socialist regime. It was the closest thing I could come to flipping that a**hole off in person.

    ..the remainder of my life will be devoted to doing everything to discredit him, his coterie of clowns, the shrieking, unhinged left, and the enemies of this country. (Those last two are not necessarily exclusive.)

    And hard rock headbanging-driven emotion will play a large part in that effort.