August 29, 2017

USAF Vet Blows Fire up Paul Ryan's Skirt

Here's a little love note from a USAF veteran in Mississippi. Short of going to Washington, D.C. and kicking this little asshole in his squirrel nuts, she did not pull any pinches:

I'd say that we should ALL start letting those do-nothing butt wipes in D.C. how we feel.

As a side note, that little prick from Cheeseland is in the position he's in because LESS THAN 400,000 dickheads voted for him and the RNC and other comfy, cozy GOPe outfits bankrolls this guy against any and all comers. If EACH of the 64 million who voted for Trump contributed ONE DOLLAR, we could build a war chest to bankroll candidates to primary all of the RINO dickheads we please and get the government we want.

..not one we'd have to settle for!

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