August 29, 2017

Cooling her Heels

Here's what this old horn dawg thinks..that is, here are a few of my "truths":

(1) High heels on almost any woman are attractive!

(2) High heels on a beautiful woman are astoundingly attractive!

(3) Any woman who care enough to go through the pain and discomfort to wear high heels in public -- and care enough about herself to look fashionable -- deserves my sincere appreciation.

(4) Melania Trump is the most beautiful First Lady this country ever and that includes the ditzy, drugged out, grasping Jackie Kennedy Onassis!

(5) #1 and #2 are automatically suspended for any shrieking liberal woman who either screams about how high heels are sexist and/or screams about anything else in pursuit of their liberal beliefs.

Anyway, it seems that the Militant Media has come down with a fit of the vapors because our First Lady chose to travel to Houston with the President and, after hitting the ground wearing a baseball cap and sneakers, dressed up a little bit by donning those lovely skyscraper heels she always wears. And, predicably, the press and the Trump's critics went ape-shit. Cue the butt-hurt:

Of course, the Pro-Trump blogs all came to Melania's support, their principal rebuttal being the natural comparison of Melania to the former First Wookie which conjured up some new images of the gracelessness of that stevedore-armed creature. Here in no special order is the latest harvest.

Of course, the Wookie isn't the only heavy hitter on the other team. Some women got it and other women got too much of it.

In the picture above, if Loretta Lynch ever wore high heels like Melania's, they'd have to lay out those steel road plates that highway departments use or else she'd punch through the ground to the earth's core.

And, admittedly, there was some funny stuff that came out of this incident re how Melania might have been a little better prepared.

But I think she did damn well..and kept herself high and dry!

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