August 31, 2017

Urgent appeal on behalf of Evergreen State University..

Seems this institution has fallen on hard times since yielding to the screaming of the unhinged.

The Evergreen State College is facing a $2.1 million budget shortfall and a five percent plunge in enrollment in the wake of this spring’s continuous stream of high-profile protests led largely by radical black students.

Officials at the taxpayer-funded campus in Olympia, Washington broke the bad news to the school community in an Aug. 28 memo obtained by The College Fix.

Student registration for the fall quarter at Evergreen State has decreased from 3,922 students to 3,713 students. Critically, most of the missing students are nonresidents who would pay substantially higher out-of-state tuition — $24,138 per year versus just $6,678 for Washington residents.

The missing tuition dollars aren’t the only problem for the public school. There’s also an ongoing state budget crisis, an unavoidable cost-of-living increase for employees and an expected increase in operating costs.

The cumulative financial effect for Evergreen State is a $2.1 million budget deficit for the current fiscal year (which began July 1).

“This creates the need for significant budget cuts in the immediate future,” the Aug. 28 memo dryly explains.

School officials have already temporarily laid off 17 maintenance workers.

More pink slips are looming.

Additional layoffs “will become impossible to avoid” “if the capital budget crisis at the state level continues indefinitely,” the memo states.

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So, these spoiled little assholes and asshole-ettes have driven the university into the turf with their petulant wailing, mewling, gnashing of teeth, and wrending of garments and the sum total of that cluster fuck is that [so far] seventeen hardworking janitors are on the bricks with more to come!

Well, being the noble S.O.B. I am, I say we open our hearts and our purses and send these little bastages something so they can continue their whining. Quick like a bunny, FAX them a cheque this instant!

ADD RNC LOVE: Be sure to show the same kind of love to the RNC mailers when you get them as well!

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