August 26, 2017


Aside from the fact that this retard now dwells in his own basement, is reduced to the role of rank amateur producer of pathetically lame You Tube videos, and clearly did not complete any finishing school where they taught manners, I would love to hear exactly how Secretary DeVos accomplishes the requisite sexual act on her 85-year-old mother to achieve the appellation Olbermann ascribes to her.

..or maybe it's OK to prowl around and prey on other peoples' mothers? Who knows? Maybe the she'll come over to your place, Keith, and see if your mother would be a willing recipient of*pon affections? If your mother declines, then perhaps she could head on down to the basement and take you by force.

Oh Dear God, please let the cameras be rolling. I'd pay money to see Olbemann deflowered on You Tube!


I post this shit in response to some stories Jim Hoft runs over on TGP and they get no up-votes while other more pedestrian remarks I make get the crap upvoted out of them. So, I finally get it. People have a limited vocabulary.

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