February 28, 2016

You cannot be serious!

I got an e-mail the other day on the heels of the tragic death of Justice Scalia from -- of all people -- that dickhead leader of the senate, Mitch McTurtle. This clown wants us to click over and sign a petition telling Obama to slow down the appointment process for a replacement.

Hell, here it is. You read it for your self.

More than a little flummoxed, I replied:

..and, of course, here was the payoff. You clicked through and signed the petition and THE VERY NEXT PAGE was a solicitation for money for the RSC:

Boy, these guys are shit heels of the first water. And, yes, I meant every word I said in my reply. It'll probably bounce but at least you all saw it.



  1. Did you opt for the $33,400 contribution?

  2. ..it was all I could do to hold myself back, Larry. Believe me!