February 16, 2016

Back on the trail..?

Freed from the bonds of involuntary servitude over at Hot Air, I was casting about for some Hillary detritus and struck the [grand]mother lode. Here are some of the latest treasure haul re that pathetic rayon-encrusted sack of head cheese:

..so, kisses for now from the decayed, beached whale!



  1. ..hey, Fredd! Didja see that the Mazzones went to aTm?

  2. Saw that. Both the Bruins and Dux lost thier OC. We'll see who suffers worse. Bruins did not have the horsepower in the backfield this year, maybe that will change. We'll see.

    If you ask me, (but nobody does), The ex-Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost did not value the QB as a precious commodity. He would send in running plays for the little Oregon QB (Vernon Adams, 5-11, 190 pounds) and run him up the middle against 330 pound gorilla defensive lines who want to tear his head off.

    And they did. Adams went down after a run, after racking up a 31 point half time lead over TCU using his arm. Oregon sent in their pathetic, junior college grade backup in Jeff Lockie, and the rest is history. Oregon blew the largest (tied) bowl game lead in history. I believe Texas A&M blew an identical lead, maybe Noel Mazzone will study up a bit on that.

    Scott Frost can take his playbook and screw up some other program. But again, nobody asked me.

  3. Fredd, sorry to hear the Dux had OC problems and hoping your schema will mend. We (Da Broonz) are well rid of that tutu-wearing asshole and his flamer son. Unlike your OC, Mazz'ne (No "O") turned one magnificent, arguably Heisman-level QB into a sack-ridden mincing fairy and was on course to do the same with our promising freshman.

    That said, I still hold no faith in Mora. I felt we needed someone like your former irascible coach but, alas, my beloved Niners landed him.

    ..what was it that Ruth Buzzie said?