February 15, 2016

Ignominious End of an Era

It seems that Hot Air -- the marvelous creation and central focus and source for most of conservative commentary for me -- has decided to go the way of the other over-commercialized internet drivel these days and switch to the FaceBook commenting paradigm. So, what was once a family, replete with close friendships, internecine squabbles, and intense debate among a small group of long-time denizens will now be thrown open to the Vandals and Visigoths of the interwebs, the sordid rabble and legions of trolls and commercial spam shall run rampant down that mighty blog's once-pristine corridors, sacking and pillaging with mindless abandon.

..well, I am done with them.

Not to sound like sour grapes, but Hot Air's quality has been going downhill for about a year now. I trace the decline back to their employment of that puerile little sensationalist, Little Noah Rothman, who purveyed nothing-burger posts with Drudge-like click-bait headlines. It got so bad that I routinely ignored that little asshole's offerings.

Ed Morrissey maintained the quality of his work, in my opinion, and I always enjoyed his analysis -- particularly of the foundering, stumbling Obama (a.k.a., The Dickless Pharaoh)  economy and the sycophantic press and legions of mindless aides in his administration who sought to make bricks with no straw and silk purses out of the sows' rectums that the steady dribble of bad stats were.

Also, late a favorite of mine was Jazz Shaw who repeatedly posted poignant and piquant posts (oh, God! Alliteration. How very corny!) on gun control and second amendment matters and the general comedy that is rife in the governing class.

I doubt, however, that I will visit Hot Air much as the thought of seeing a once-proud damsel commercialized, smeared with rouge and lipstick and parading around in a tight red sequined dress with fishnet stockings and 6-inch platform heels just sickens me. But, no doubt it will tickle the shit out of that new crowd of mirror-fogging mouth-breathers they let in the servant's entrance last night. 

So it's late at night and I am tired and will probably take this up tomorrow and in the subsequent days. But I can tell you this: I fervently hope that the GOPe dick-suckers that comprise Salem management choke on a load of -- er -- issue when they discover that the clicks fade away to nothing and their precious Hot Air fades into the sleazy haze of all of the rest of the slime that constitutes polished commercialized political commentary.

Hell, I might even start up this blog again. I can say most of the stuff I want to here and not get banned. But I sure hope some of the old Hot Gassians stop by. Otherwise it just does not seem the same.



  1. It would be great to have you back on-line.

  2. There is something to be said for your loyalty, Larry. This was not up but a few minutes and I received your ever faithful comment.

    Surely, that's worth a beer if you're game!

    Thanks, old friend!


  3. Sorry to hear about your old haunts crashing and burning. I'm sure you are going through the stages, first disbelief, then anger, and now acceptance.

    No, you won't get banned here. I myself was banned at Red State, and later Townhall.com, they thought I was too radical.

    Imagine that.

  4. great post with cool image...LoL. I have bookmarked your site. HA alumna, nuclearoptional

  5. Karen, Fredd,

    Just saw the changeover and, it's even more revolting than originally imagined. It truly is being overrun by the great unwashed and it's almost terrifying..you know, like watching a dear friend getting run over by acement truck.

    Can't say I like Constantine's new fegugee camp either. It's a little over the top and too confusing.

    But, anyway, here we are!

    Fredd, sory about being too radical. Guess the GOPe are getting a little tender, aren't they?