February 16, 2016

BMORE Than you could possibly be..

In composing a "goodbye" post for Hot Air, I listed off as many as I could remember in the brief time between between a late-night bout with an incessant robo-call and my appointed sack time in order to properly say my goodbyes. It was a certainty that some treasured friends wouldbe missed so I suppose that I shall pick o up the pieces as Hot Air drifts further and further back in the rear view mirror for me.

BMORE is a gentleman whom I befriended by virtue of my coziness with another poster, Schadenfreude. The latter and I became good friends anfter a brief running gun battle on a Hot Gas post where we disagreed. Our senses, or the better angels of our nature ruled the day, fortunately, and we almost simultaneously issued sincere apologies and had been fast friends ever since. Well, BMORE tagged along and it was not too long after I linked up the fact that the macabre and grotesque photoshop/art/painting masterpieces that Schadenfreude pointed to were by BMORE's hand.

They are masterful and, yet like a traffic accident, you yearn to look away but still stare if only to take in all the bizarre gore strewn about. I have borrowed some of his paintings before and I reach once more into his archive to show his brilliance and to properly recognize what our friendship has meant to me.

Thank you, BMORE, for putting a face to that -- er --face. Stop by and visit, Bring Schadenfreude with you.


  1. The military is unlikely to back the Bitch of Benghazi...and truth be told we're more likely to have a Junta given that we've had Obamanation for 8 years. Most of the the general officers who showed some spine were winnowed out during the Obama reign with the possible exception of the Marine Corps, but there are young Turks.

  2. Thanks for the invite to visit your blog. I have bookmarked it.

  3. Karen, Meet LL above, a long time denizen and faithful follower. We're not exactly Hot Gas over here and you will find that I do not observe the niceties. I am in the "take no prisoners" stage of my existence here where little is tolerated. If you can stand a little "sailor talk" then we are happy to have you!

    Please stop by again!