January 20, 2010

Why the picture of Hillary Clinton in a moment of personal glry for her, you ask? Read on.

As we bask in this moment of sublime victory and watch the truly clueless left utter recriminations in the midst of their circular firing squad over Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts last night, I would like to take this opportunity to call your attention (once again) to the good folks over at Hillbuzz.

They are people of the finest sorts. Kind, noble, and sincere. Also hardworking, earnest, and fellow believers in what is just, what is right, and what is necessary for this country.

They are Democrats -- but Democrats in the noblest sense of the word. They are among those who first detected what a fraud and an evil person our current POSOTUS really is. They are backers and believers in Hillary Clinton and they are true gentlemen in the sense that they were repulsed at her treatment by Obama's bloodthirsty presidential campaign.

They so recoiled at this that they took to bashing the person whom they call Dr Utopia at every opportunity. But in doing that, somewhere along the line, they reset their judgment of the political right. And, in so doing, they wrote some pretty gracious and kind things about people the hysterical left had spent the better part of the last nine years (and counting) demonizing and vilifying: George and Laura Bush, Dick and Lynn Cheney, Sarah Palin, and others. Hell, I'll bet you could even find some kind words for Donald Rumsfeld in their archives somewhere.

They also have gotten behind anyone who has a ghost's chance of forestalling this train wreck of a government we are presently saddled with. While this includes -- strangely enough -- a whole lot of (corrupt, unprincipled) Democrats, there's a lot of the frauds on the right that they wish to consign to the scrap heap in upcoming elections as well.

In other words, these good people over at Hillbuzz are just like you and me: Mister and Mrs John Q. Middle America. They love this country and believe in what it stands for.

The point of this post is that they expended an incredible amount of their time, energy, and one supposes money (as well as forgone income) backing the Scott Brown election effort. Their blog has been, for the last two months, devoted to getting Scott elected -- and that means when he was down by over 30 points to Marcia C[r]oakley. Because of their enthusiasm, my regular visits to their site over this period turned my attitude from one of "wouldn't it be wonderful if.." to "we can do this". They forced me to contribute to Scott Brown and I even turned my hand to a feeble effort at phone banking. For the record, it was bout four calls and, when I got resoundingly enthusiastic responses about how the people were voting for Mr Brown, I figured this effort was in better hands. I mean, with my inability to articulate political points verbally, I might actually dissuade those already committed.

But the truly shocking aspect of the "Hillbuzz Guyz's" motivation for backing Brown?

..they think he's a hunk!

Yep, for those of you who don't already know it, the authors of Hillbuzz are gay men who dwell/work out of the Chicago Boystown district. Aside from their principles, what was driving their support was/is a man crush for the person they refer to as Hottie McAwsome. The have adopted as one of their icons the nude Cosmo center spread that featured Brown back in the 80s.

But, irrespective of their motivation, they worked their buns off to tout Brown and their site produced a lot of record-straightening posts about his and his rival's positions. They did a superb job of deconstructing the elitist hypocrisy that was Coakley's campaign as well as the truly memorable gaffes this women uttered. For me, HillBuzz was Scott Brown Central.

O.K., before I gush on about this, I wanted to make the point that, in all of the recrimination over Coakley's loss, some pretty mean people have been posting some rancid stuff about HillBuzz. They say it best on their web site:
"If you like what we do here, and support our efforts to stand up to the bullies and socialists of the Left who are doing everything they can to silence their opposition, we need your help. The likes of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and Moveon.org have launched assaults against not only this site, but against us personally. Against us as private citizens and individuals. They are costing us work, harassing us at home, making physical threats against us, and doing everything they can to shut us down. All because they do not like that we are stirring our readers up to take action against the Left and what it is up to.

We refuse to give up and be bullied, but the personal attacks on us, as individuals, are so bad we need help to fight them. Anything you can do to support us through this would be life and career-saving. Kos and Moveon.org have George Soros behind them, with all the resources in the world at their disposal. So, clearly, we need all the help we can get. We’ve promised to keep fighting the Left with all that we’ve got, but it’s come to the point where we need serious reinforcements. Anything you can do to help would be a Godsend."

So aside from calling your attention to some truly fine straight shooters, I would like to ask you all to tuck away that URL and visit it from time to time. Filling up their tip jar might be nice.

Standing with them in the event they mount the legal effort against their detractors would be even better.

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