January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to the Pantload-in-Chief

For the record, ladies and gents, here are a couple of Raz DT milestones; Obama's inauguration and year end on 12/31/2009:
Raz DT Index: +28
Strongly Approve: 44%
Strongly Disaprove: 16%
Overall Approve: 65%
Overall Disapprove: 30%

Raz DT Index: -18
Strongly Approve: 24%
Strongly Disaprove: 42%
Overall Approve: 46%
Overall Disapprove: 53%

Since his inauguration, he's had a -30 point swing in the index, lost 20 and 19 points in the two approval categories, and gained 26 and 23 points in the two disapproval categories.

To remind people, the Rasmussen "strongly" categories are those in which respondents are motivated to do something about their feelings about Obama. That is, a person who strongly approves will tell friends, proselytize, or volunteer for a campaign or other such effort. Those who strongly disapprove are motivated to tell others about their feelings or work against his re-election.

The daily tracking index is the strongly approve less the strongly disapprove. It was zero for the first time back on June 5th and, in for the month of June is hovered around +1 to +5. On July 6th, it turned negative and Obama has never had his head above water since that date. It started wandering consistently into the negative teens on October 22nd and hit a low of -21 on December 22nd. Interestingly enough (and I will confirm this) it seems that whenever Obama slips out of town on a vacation, his negatives drop.

Out of sight, out of mind?

The strong disapproval numbers seem to steadily rise from his inauguration while the strong approval numbers have been within 24-30% since November 9th. The last time he was above 30% was 32% on November 9th. It seems the cause fluctuations in his index figures is due to the vacillation of support between the strong approval and overall approval categories. His 24% strong approval yesterday was his lowest level to date.

An incident that should happen more often in 2010 is what I call the PacMan index, where the the strong disapproval numbers overtake his overall approval numbers. It has happened once so far, on December 22nd when he had a 46% strong disapproval and a 44% overall approval. That must be truly a catastrophic situation for such a narcissistic person as our Chief Pantload. It means he has pissed off more people in this country than like him to any degree.

Only supposition on my part and I will want to analyze these numbers and see if there are any interesting correlations to Obama and his activities that might give a clue to how clueless he is. But, just offhand, I'd say he is on the wrong track.

Oh, and for the record, count me with the 42% who strongly disapprove of this ass-clown.

I would make a New Year's resolution to get a life, but knowing my penchant for looking at numbers and my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, it would be a resolution broken early and often. By the way, a very happy and eventful New Year to you all.  

So we have a lot of things to do before next November; quit fooling around here reading my numeric drivel and get to work!


  1. Americans know what to do with tyrants. Citizen121701

  2. That photo is disgusting, just like Obama's agenda. And that's where his agenda belongs...flushed down the toilet...along with his poll numbers.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Good one. He is a turd of a President thats for sure.