January 27, 2010

Over and under..

It's come to this. My blogging has lapsed into pasting You Tube videos onto my site. Although they are significant or otherwise interesting, it is nonetheless an abrogation of whatever responsibility a blogger has to whatever followers he or she may acquire. And, if you look at the bottom of the page, you will see that I have acquired what might euphemistically be called a small but rugged band.

And, as long as I am on the subject of egotistical, narcissistic remarks like mine above, check out the video below. Tonight, this ineffectual charlatan who passes himself off as the chief executive of this country and who couldn't chief execute himself out of a portable shitter, gives his first State of the Union speech. (SOTU)

Wow, my little heart is all aflutter. I mean, during normal presidencies (defined as W's and Bill "the finger" Clinton's reigns), I'd take a pass on these bore-fests. You know, what's to tell? It's a speech, fer chrissakes! And it's what's wrong with the inside-the-Beltway crowd, the Sacramento crowd, the Austin crowd, the Albany crowd, and any other crowd of MSM lapdogs, bloggers, and political junkies in general who follow this blather. Too many of the punditocracy in this great land put great stake in what comes out of the flapping lips of those eternal purveyors of Bravo Sierra, those masters of [economic] disaster, those bosses of bloviation: the elected officialdom and their spokes-holes. You know the old saying? After all is said and done, more will be said than done.

That aptly describes why, when these blather-fests eventuate, I tend to catch a few Z's or deplete my Pauli Girl supply and/or search for something more significant on the tube. Like, oh, I don't know, a tractor pull on ESPN or an old I Love Lucy re-run.

Which brings us merrily back to tonight's festivities. I will so not be watching this. Can't stand the upturned, haughty head, the condescending, parsed meter of delivery, the whistling teeth on all sibilant words, and the flapping of blue lips, lying, always lying.

Others, like Stephen Green, the Vodka Pundit, drunken blog speeches, hoping to render himself numb and senseless by the end. (Hint: Steve, you could probably save the two or three fifths you go through and still feel the same deadened sensation. Although, it would not be half as fun.) And you just know somewhere there's a hearty band (cf. above) who gather at someone's home to consume adult beverages and carefully prepared hors'doeuvres and watch their beloved messiah pontificate, hanging on every word.

Yeah, some people are truly pathetic. Maybe there will be an equally doughty band of folks gathered to swill chilled Merlot, eat pork rinds, and throw spitwads at the TV, evincing their enmity for this clown.

And yet again, there will be those who will be hanging on every word with as avid an interest as viewers for the upcoming Super Bowl. It seems that there's an Irish gambler's site offering an incredible array of wagering options, from phrases ("Health care reform" is the 4-1 favorite) to length of the speech (53 minutes) to the color of the tie the Chief Pantload will wear. Laying money off on these makes an otherwise droning Obama tolerable. Me? Personally, I believe that this clown won't wear a tie -- he has eschewed them before with alarming and disquieting regularity -- and that he will use the first person pronouns "I" or "me" and inordinate amount of times.

But, if your up to getting some money down and you can find Paddy O'Sullivan to get some money down, then the video below will help you handicap the upcoming SOTU.



  1. I implore all to just simply boycott this marxist speech tonight. Hit this man where it hurts - his ego.


  2. Fine sentiments, Christopher! Could not have said it better. One wonders what the landscape will be like after this clown gets ushered out of D.C. -- hopefully in 2012.

    I suspect he will always be hanging around the periphery, trying to grab the spotlight, insinuating himself on the American conscience.

    It will be truly pathetic.

  3. I must admit it...I watched the darn thing. Call me a masochist or just plain nuts. Anyway, the video you posted here pretty much sums it up. I am going to post it over at my Facebook page and link back to your blog. Thanks for posting it.

  4. I have to take things a bit more pragmatic these days; Obama has taken to the airwaves more times than SpongeBob Squarepants, and that's saying something.

    And they both say the same thing: 'blah blah blah' I don't bother to watch this crap anymore, as I already know what he is going to say. Essentially, he will repeat that capitalism is evil, rich guys gotta pay more in taxes, and did he already mention that capitalism is evil?

  5. Oh Mighty Mallard,

    Clearly we were separated at birth! My dislike of this charlatan has grown into a deep and abiding enmity and time creeps so-o-o-o slowly until January 21st, 2012.

    Hugh Hewitt went on a rant today where he dissected the purple-lipped prevaricator's address to the Democrats. It was incredible. I mean the this Pantload-in-Chief just moves his lips and everything that falls out is a lie.

    It is maddening..

    ..and beyond tedious.

    On a cheerier note, despite the Bruins uncharacteristic stinkeroo on the hardwoods, it seems that Rick Neuheisel has managed to pull down some excellent recruits with only a 7-6 season last year. The Bruins, Ducks, and others grow strong while the University of Soiled Condoms awaits the NCAA headsman's axe to fall.

    While the Trogans have reeled in a number of prospects, I speculate that they will be moving on when the football squad follows the path of the basketball team.