January 17, 2010

Huge scandal rocks Scott Brown camp! Campaign cratering!

The Mega Independent website blogspace internet thingy reports this astounding trespass by State Senator Scott Brown onto civilized behavior. This embarrassing transgression promises to knock Brown from his lead in the race with former Massachusettes State AG Martha Coakley as the public reels in disgust at Brown's appalling lack of social decorum.

Breaking; more moved as situation warrants.

UPDATE: O.K., so you get it. It's a cleverly written sarc. (The linked web site, not my efforts!) But back on terra firma, sometimes the irony is so thick one could cut it with a knife, he wrote, savaging metaphors. For example, take this quote from The Pantload-inChief during his visit to Massachusettes yesterday:
“‘When you listen closely to what [Brown] has been saying, it’s very clear that he’s going to do exactly the same thing in Washington. So look, forget he ads, everybody can run slick ads. Forget the truck. Everybody can buy a truck,’ Obama said.”
What do they say in terse post comments? Pot, kettle, black?

(Hat tip to Hot Air.)


  1. You almost gave me a heart attack. Rush warned us last week that Obama might pull a scandal out of his hat about Scott Brown. Whew... Drinking OJ out of the bottle is OK with me. If posing for Cosmo didn't do him in (and Brown looked pretty darn good - still does), then it would have to be on the scale of a "John Edwards scandal" to do him in now. Tuesday is going to be very interesting!

  2. Madame,

    The link is truly a funny site. Kind of like "Onion" but with a conservative edge to it. I will make it one of my links. And therein is the dirty little secret: my blog is just a collection of links made for the convenience of going to certain sites.

    As for scandals, I'm thinking "dead girl or live boy". (Quote courtesy of Edwin Edwards.)

    Also what's really ironic is that those marvelous "Guyz" over at Hillbuzz.org built a lot of steam under Scott's campaign because they liked his principles, they hate Obama, and they had a "man-crush" on Brown. They are gay. They are also truly wonderfully fine people.

  3. Don't DO that to me! I almost had a heart attack too.

    Hey, I saw your comment at Hillbuzz.

    You need to get yourself a Gravatar. Do that, and all your problems will be solved.

  4. Madame M.A.,

    At first I thought a Gravatar was something like Vicodin or Hydrocodone. Show's how my mind works. Thanks for the tip..

    ..and, in fact, I owe you a hat tip as well. Your site turned me on to this. My apologies.