December 30, 2019

Time to vote..

..for the most irritating person of 2019.

Per a recent entry over at The American Thinker, Dennis Lund proffers the idea of selecting a person who has grated the most this past year. While he offers a number of the usual suspects, there is an interesting twist as to the most irritating person in 2019.

There are so many juicy suggestions, I would not know whom to pick. I offer this, instead. Perhaps, an Annoying Liberals Hall of Fame and have all of the inductees be the aforementioned for 2019. Perhaps a vote a la the Baseball or NFL* HOFs? I would suggest pre-stocking the HOF with the obligatory candidates from the last four years: Hillbags, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, et al.

Of course there would be an obligatory Media wing of the HOF to include the entire commentariat of CNN led by "Bullethead" Brian Stelter and including MSNBC's Moaning Joke Scarborough and his irritating spouse. Of course, it would include (up)Chuck Todd and the like. (I daren't omit The MadCow.)

And there might even be a third wing for sports figures pre-inhabited by Colon Krapperknickers and the foul-mouthed, blue-haired, Trump-hating small-breasted captain of the USA women's soccer team.

The mind reels at the possibilities for this pantheon of the pathetic; a veritable cottage industry.

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