December 10, 2019

Sometimes One Needs To Be Serious..Sometimes..

I think Tucker Carlson is sometimes hilarious in his lampooning of the Dem foibles and I think Ben Shapiro is sometimes a whiny little mutt. However, sometimes Carlson goes for the cheap laugh when it is not important and Ben Shapiro provides excellent analysis when it is important.

The Dems unleashed their promised articles of impeachment of Donald Trump and, quite frankly, to me it was like a person laboring after a long period being constipated and -- please forgive me if I intrude on your meal hour --giving birth to those marble-sized turds that come in twos or threes.

In other words, that's the best they got after three plus years of ranting and raving?

So, my bride and I were settling down to our dinner (1700 PST) and turned on Carlson to watch his reportage of these events. Predictably, he started off with his usual aping shtick and his coerced laughter and his usual chants of "Russia! Russia! Russia!" -- which seemed a tad off target.

Not that I would not have laughed and nodded in agreement with Carlson in days past. It's just that I wanted something with a little more substance to it. I wanted an earnest discussion and analysis of the worthiness of these impeachment charges as opposed to schoolboy tittering and buffoonery.

This was because this afternoon, as I was attending to my garage-cleaning duties, I was transfixed by Ben Shapiro's breakdown on the "Nothing-Burgerness" of the Dem impeachment charges and how they are truly dangerous to our nation's existence for both Dems and Republicans.

So, in fairness, maybe I was spoiled by Shapiro's content and could have done without the joking.

Well, it turns out the radio show broadcast over Los Angeles KABC 790 but I discovered it's on YouTube. So, I am posting a link down below if you wish to review what Shapiro had to say. I recommend you spend the time. His arguments will convince you that the Three Stooges (Pelosi, Schiff, and Jerry "Colostomy Bag" Nadler) attempted to cobble together chicken salad out of chicken shit..

..per usual.

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