December 31, 2019

2020 Predictions (Preliminary)

Here's what I think (not that anyone should give a shit):

(1) The cow feces is piling up around Biden and his wretched, coke-snorting, embezzling, pole-dancer-impregnating son.

(2) The impeachment articles will *finally* be handed over to the Senate by that 80-year-old weeping vaginal pustule Speaker of the House before the SOTU.

(3) Trump and Ninja McTurtle are going to have only a minimalist impeachment trial and Trump will be acquitted with all (R) Senators voting down except two -- Willard Dickwipe Delecto and Mularkey-Kowski -- and all (D) Senators voting up except two -- the creepy RNO wannabe from WV and pick-em.

(4) The Iowa primary will go to Homo Erectus. The NH primary will go to Bernie Burned Buns with Homo Erectus coming in in from behind (of course). The SC primary will be a darkie landslide for Jurassic Joe as will Super Dooper Tuesday because the "sane Dems" will want to flush Chief-ette Shitting Bull and The Sand Man.

(5) Once it is established Plugs is firmly in the driver's seat, Trump will then unleash the Hammer of Thor on him and Hoover Hunter and all the dammed up fecal matter will flow like the Mighty Mississip' during the Spring floods.

(6) The DNC convention will be a shitshow in Philly and -- flash! -- Hillary will step in to save the day.

(7) Sometime around November, Diq-Us will get its shit together and we will see all of our back comments and find out who has been dumping on us for the past eight months. 8-Ball gets hazy after that. You're on your own. Happy f**king New Year! Sorry for all the scatological references.

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