September 22, 2019

The little Swedish Nazi is at it again.

And youse guys thought David "Camera" Hogg was bad?

courtesy of kdHouse over at Weasel Zippers

This little truant girl and blue-water sailor four million dollar sailing yacht passenger is being foisted off as the Pied Piper and Joan of Arc for the climate change legions. Last Friday, hundreds of thousands of these annoying little, holier-than-thou students, replete with their latest cell phones and other electric accoutrements were chauffeured to demonstrations after having been released from school by their public school indoctinateurs -- all to get in our faces re climate scaring.

Well, firstly, before these privileged little ragamuffins can convince me of anything, they can begin vomiting up decent data that essentially disproves the scam they have been running on us. to wit:

(Thanks to authemis, also over at Weasel Zippers.)

Also, this little piece of climate-fright from Time circa 1974 might be of interest:

Otherwise, I recommend that Greta get on with it and mate up with David Hogg so they can begin the spectacular divorce that these two psychopaths truly deserve..

..and leave me to my coal-fired electrical dotage.

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