September 24, 2019

Butt Hurt

OK, this will be the last last post I do on this hateful little Greta bitch -- the one afflicted with Ass Burger's disease -- until, of course, I do the next one.

Seems, in the wake of her U.N. grump-out tantrum yesterday, POTUS Trump trolled her. Of course, you have seen the speech -- or fragments thereof -- but for the sake of completeness -- I have appended the whole thing. It's three and one-half minutes if petulant righteous indignation and the little brat can really go on and on.

Anyway, Trump tweeted the following which, in case you don't realize it, is a totally tongue-in-cheek troll of the whole milieu.

WELL, OF COURSE, there was the concomitant pearl-clutching meltdown by the left, incensed by Trump's tweets. And, I am sure there were 3,600 RPM eye-rolls by the Trump-hating GOPe to, but that's just wonderfully collateral damage!

Here are some tweets with my thoughts and cat-calls to further incense them:

Well, Willie, pass along your contact information and we'll get a repair truck tight out there and fix you! But, while you wait for it to arrive, you might want to contemplate what is worse: Trump's trolling tweet or the fact that your side is manipulating an angry, petulant 16-year-old with a serious mental problem and, when you drop her when she is of no more use to you, will become an emotional wreck.

Oh, so Greta has built businesses worth billions of dollars, hired thousands of employees, and contributed to the economy of cities and countries? She has taken the failing economy of this country out of it's eight year stagnation, driven unemployment down to around 3.5 percent, black unemployment from 14 percent to the lowest it's been ever int his country, ditto for Hispanic and women's employment? Has she created many trillions of dollars of wealth by driving the stock market to record levels?

She hasn't? Well, Trump has! Get back to me when she does. I'll wait.

Sure, John, you can mention his name. It's Baron. But you cannot attack him ruthlessly nor the rest of his family like a number of people have done -- especially that newly planted asshole, Peter Fonda.

Well double-damn you, Charlie. Why don't you crawl back into your hole and play with your Little Green [Foot]balls.

Anyway, I am given to believe that Rite-Aid™ is having a sale on butt-hurt cream. You all outght to boogie right over and pick up a case -- or two.

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