September 24, 2019

More on "Creepy Longstocking"..

..a thoroughly appropriate sobriquet for that demented little Satanic bitch with her evil glower.

Folks are beginning to pair 'em up! You know, libs wringing their hands and licking their chops over the prospect of the two darling chilluns of the left forming a more perfect union sometime.

It is, of course, a pipe dream and will probably never happen but it's hard not to imagine them wandering into the future, hurling irrational invective at a world who has cheated them of their Gaia-given destiny of an immaculate, gun-free world.

Recently revealed, by the way, was the fact that the Spawn of Satan's parents are Antifa advocates, as it she.

How thoroughly wholesome!

That said, the marriage would be an incredible piece of news. The resulting divorce would be epic! But, actually, I am guessing that it would not reach the divorce stage. I think more along the lines of one of them being involved in a murder trial on the magnitude of the O.J. fiasco.

One of the two would off the other during a heated spat; it would either be Greta with a cleaver to Hogg's dick and balls (if she can find them) or Hogg unloading a full 30-rd mag from his AR-15 into her.

Nine point nine out of ten on the schadenfreude scale!

Say good night, Greta!

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