June 27, 2018

The Supremes Have Another Hit!

Re the Supreme Court decision this morning on Unions..

Stuart Varney held an an interview with Mark Janus who brought the suit against the unions and took it all the way to the SC. While bashed by unions, media, and affiliated stooges as a dupe of "the wealthy and corporate CEOs".

Hardly that, Mr Janus epitomizes the average working stiff yearning to breathe free from onerous dues that support an agenda he does not believe in. That's all by the boards now as the SC struck down the requirement that employees opt out of union membership.

Let the butt hurt commence! Here's the NEA on the subject in a whimsical editorial equating union negotiating to schools and students benefit.


I love the smell of butt hurt in the morning! Smells like..victory!

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