April 12, 2018

Wasting away in Burritoville..

So the homeless situation in Jerry "Dickhead" Brown's Crapifornia is getting so serious that they are going to give taxpayer money to homeowners to build facilities on their own property. What a splendid fucking idea!

Trouble is that it will not solve the problem. Free shit only draws more flies! Tried to give them the boot back in February but they're still there.

So here's the deal: you reduce all your holdings to cash, store it away, hit the road and end up homeless and on the streets in Anaheim, California along the Santa Ana River Trail. The churches and the do-good homeowners ("what would Jesus do?") bring them down free food every day and the city and county set up shower facilities two-three times per week. So, for basically zero outlay for subsistence and shelter, you get a river front site in a balmy climate, catering, and free cleanliness (if you want it). The only money you spend is for the drugs so you can get stoned and stay high while wasting away in Burritoville.

The churches -- tax free property, etc. -- should start setting up facilities ON THEIR LAND and the do-good homeowners should invite a couple of these derelicts to room with them for a while.

What would Jesus do, indeed?

(Sorry to be uncharitable, but if this were Grapes of Wrath and these folks were looking for work, I would be a little more sympathetic.)

Keep this up and you will see a never-ending flotilla of dead fetuses heading down the Santa Ana River to the sea!

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