April 13, 2018

Less and less fear and loathing of the Blue Wave..

Many think the "Blue Wave" -- if it eventuates -- will be tragic if only because this witch will have her hands on the controls. But I am slowly (and reluctantly) coming to the opinion that it might be a blessing in disguise that this comes to pass. The resulting congressional shit-show of Dems trying to overturn the new tax law, attempting to impeach Trump, and their general nigger-in-a-whorehouse-with-a-credit-card escapades will probably cement the 2020 election for Donald Trump.

Hell, the resulting confusion might result in a states' constitutional convention whereby the 22nd Amendment is overturned and Trump is appointed President for Life.

The denture-licking and spaz speech spells alone (above) will be worth the price of admission. And this does not even take into account the other wackjobs -- like Maxi-Pad -- on the Dem side! Stir in the unfettered mewlings of Lieawatha and Schmuckie Schumer in the Senate and the American public will be so sick of them by the time the 2020 elections roll around that they will be voted out of existence in the House and the Senate!

I am going long on Orville Reddenbacher and Pabst in 2019.

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