October 1, 2017

The Coming Armegeddon

It seems that the level of sewage is rising here in the United States. Anti-Fa and SJW violence against attempts to assemble peacefully in the name of First Amendment free speech and demonstrate support for President Trump is manifesting itself to a greater extent.

The Soros-funded and backed legions of scrawny, "hoodie-ed" geeks with profane language, pierced appendages, and purple hair have anointed themselves the new moderators of our liberties and have gone to outlandish proportions to insist that anything not squaring with their reality should be stifled. Latest case in point is this fat little Hispanic piglet who believes appropriation of someone else's property is perfectly legitimate if it does not comport with her entitled, touchy-feelie world.

For more background on the absurdity of this abridgement of citizens' rights, Stephen Crowder has done a deep dive onto that septic tank:

There is a growing impatience with these clowns and a rising gorge that will surely manifest itself in a blow back that these tutu-wearing butterflies will regret. There is an Armegedon coming..

..and they might not like the results.

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