October 29, 2017

Exile on Main Street

I hear where Roger Stone got banned from Twitter the other day and is threatening to sue:

It comes when, coincidentally, I got banned from The Gateway Pundit because of this post:

It was about how Melania Trump was speaking to a group about the perils and tragedy of opioid addiction and, in the midst of her lovely speech, she sympathetically bussed a lady who was a repentant abuser. My comment was meant to express my desire to get a smooch from our lovely First Lady and volunteered to meet her at LAX with a couple of bottles of Vicodin to prove that I no longer used that pain killer and was, therefore, eligible for a smooch. So, the meaning was obviously misconstrued by Jim Hoft (the site owner) and I was tossed out with the rest of the troll garbage and spam ads.

My first reaction was indignation at this insult but, after calming down, I wrote an email to Jim explaining my meaning, emphasizing my respect for Melania and Donald Trump, and apologizing for any offense -- unintended or otherwise -- that he might have perceived. I clearly mentioned that I would not pout and take my exile like a man should reconsideration not be the order of the day. Further, I mentioned that I thanked him for his efforts at GWP and appreciated the work he did during the election.

At this writing, I have received no response and believe that they just push the "kill button" consigning you to the memory hole. But, to tell the truth, I am experiencing an episode of sour grapes now. I mean, the site -- once a truly good and exciting source of the latest news -- has fallen into the money-generation paradigm and is rife with ads that stifle the site's loading and operation. Further, without the skillful application of Ad Blocker and Ghostery, one can barely make out the content of the posts by their various authors for the pictures of click-bait ads and even the annoying auto-start videos. Add to the mix the fact that GWP also spawns other tabs in your browser for questionable sites.

With all this crass over-commercialization, maybe a lawsuit is in order for GWP. I mean, if Roger Stone is offended, surely..

In the past, Jim's better items are/were when he would actually do some analysis and post statistics or studies showing Hillary's scant campaign attendance was versus Trump's or how much the economy has improved since Trump took office or how much Trump has pared off the deficit and so on. But nowadays the posts are these jagged, literately cacophonous and incoherent tweets, textual fragments, and other detritus that hardly amplify or support the often-clickbaity headlines. They have devolved into nothing more than gossipy tidbits devoid of meat or nourishment. Alas, Gateway Pundit has become internet fast food. And, besides, who wants to hang around a site where the owner spasmodically offs faithful followers and commenters? I thought that shit was over with LGF and Ace of Spades.

So, rather than subject myself to the memories, I will go the way I did when I left Hot Air. I will revisit the sites where folks are less concerned with earning a nickel from every page view or click and more concerned on making a cohesive or truly humorous observation about the disintegrating left and the draining swamp.

..and, besides, those grapes hanging from the branch were most likely sour anyway!

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