October 18, 2017

Off My Chest

From January 2009 until January 2017 (that's eight years to those of you in Rio Lindo), I have held my tongue to a great degree while that ass-hat Obama and his Democrat and Leftist cronies ravaged, debased, reviled, and otherwise ran this country into the muck and mire. Now that Obama and his stevedore-armed wookie soul mate have departed form the scene, we are left with the residue of his administration and adherents in the form of the Deep State, the DNC, GOPe, and other cockroaches who try to sully the intentions of the current president and generally try to discredit the president's followers as racists, fascists, members of the KKK, etc.

So, I am guessing that civility is not in their marching orders (as we have seen from the ugly speech-suppressing protests and violence. So long as that is the case, I see no reason to hold a civil tongue in my head. Consequently, here are all of the nicknames I may have passed up on when describing Obama. And, before you throw your card, please note that I am attributing these sobriquets and appellations to ONLY Barak Obama and his wife. They do not apply -- in my realm -- specifically to others OF ANY RACE.

Ace Of Spades, African't, Africoon, Afro, Americoon, Ape, Baboomba, Baboon, Banjo Lips, Billy Reuben, Bingo-Bongo, Biscuit Lip, Black Magic, Blood, BLT, Blue Gums, Bo-Bo, Bobblehead, Boon, Bootlip, Boy, Branch Manager (Monkeys climb trees), Brillo Pad, Bubba, Buckwheat, Bumper Lips, Burr Head, Bush-Boogie, Camel Lips, Chain Dragger, Chango, Charcoal Briquette, Chicago Navajo, Chicken Bandit, Chocolate Drop, Cliff Ape, Cocoa Puff, Coconut, Cocoon, Coon, Congo Lip, Cotton Ball, Chinless Yard Ape, Cotton-Picker, Curb-Biter, Darkie, Dawg, Defendant, Deuce, Ding Dong, Donkey Kong, Fat Albert, Field Nigger, Ghetto Monkey, Gorilla, Groid, Guttermonkey, Hambone, HNIC, Horse-Gums, House Nigger, Jambo, Jig, Jigaboo, Kaffir, King Putt, Knee Grow, Knuckle-, ragger, Porch Monkey, Lawn Jockey, Leprecoon, Leroy, Little (Black) Sambo, Liverlips, Magila , orilla, Maroon, McNigga, Midnight, Mississippi Blue Lip, Monkey, Monkeyboy, Mr. Bojangles, Mud Duck, Mud Flaps, Mud People, Mud Turtle, Mufasa, Muffin-head, Mulunyan, Munt, N'er, Naca, NAGA, Nagur, NAHA, Nanner, NAPA, Nappy Head, Nappy-headed Ho, Neekeri/Nekru, Negative, Negress, Negro, Negroid, Nelly, NFT, Ni-ni, Niche, Nig-nog, Niggabyte, Niggapotomous, Nigger, Nigger mortis, Niggerachi, Niggerette, Niggerino, Niggeroid, Nigglet, Nightcrawler, Niglige, Nigloo, Nignorant, Nigonometry, Nigra, Nigress, Niknok, Nineteens (19's), Ninja, Nitch, Nog, NOLA, Nonswimmer, Nooc, November, Nubian Princess, Number 2, Nurple, O.J., O.T.W., Oar , uggers, OBG, Oil Slick, Old Brown Tucker, Omarosa, Orb, Oreo, Plow Jockey, Porch Monkey, Primate, Pube Head, Puddle Duck, Roach, Rockfish, Rope-Head, Rope-Straightener, Rufus, Schwarzenigger, Shadow-Smurf, Shit-Slinger, Shitheel, Simian, Spear-Chucker, Splib, Spook, Stepan Fetchit, Stovelid, Stovepipe, Swamp Donkey, Swamp-Runner, Swamper, Tagger, Tar Baby, Missing Link, Toilet Swimmer, Token, Tree Hockey, Tree-Swinger, Tyrone, Uncle Ben, Uncle Tom, Unemployus Africanus, Velcro-head, Welfare Monkey, Whale Turd, Wog, Wool Head, Yard Ape, Zulu..

The list is not done; will return with more.

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