March 30, 2017

These guys are dangerous!

In the old days when things were much simpler, there was "W" versus Man-Bear-Pig and John "Fucking" Kerry and we "conservatives" won and were about to put the liberal scum in the ground because we had suffered through 9/11 and went into Iraq and Afghanistan and kicked the goat-humping, towel-headed, muzzies back to the stone age along with their head-job wearing squeezes never to darken our door again.

And then there came a huge setback because our beloved John McStain lost to the mongrel, crooked Magic Negro who also rode the
dickless Mutt Rumbley hard and put him away wet. So, we were saddled with for eight years with The Lawn Jockey POTUS and America went on a slide down the shit chute..almost into the septic tank.

All the while in successive elections (even 2012), we kept handing our beloved GOPe the keys to the kingdom because they successively said they needed the House back, then the Senate, and ultimately the Presidency in order to right the ship and "restore" America. And nothing got done.

Zero, zip, nada.

Then along came The Donald who rallied all of us together as we crusaded against the consummate establishment shit and the GOPe and the DC insiders who wanted nothing more to hold on to their fiefdoms that they constantly tried to shoot him out of the saddle -- even to the point where some were propping up some pretty lame-dick opponents and even willing to back the worst, most vile criminal liar who ever ran for the office.

And in that maelstrom, we all realized that right was no longer left and vice versa. Up was now down. Black (not the race) was no longer white (the race). And South was now North. It got crazy and still is.

In the wake of all this, our Committees of correspondence -- that link that our Founding Fathers and revolutionaries used to keep the word racing up and down the Atlantic seaboard and among the 13 colonies -- became social media like blogs and FaceBook and Twitter and You Tube. Heroes arose and published rants against those who would oppose our crusade to flush the backed-up crapper that was Washington D. C. and they were eloquent or strident or vehement or they were intellectual.

But they were always pounding down the Forces of Darkness who sought to roll back the tide of our revolution and shine light on the insects, worms, slime, and cockroaches that crawled out from under the rocks -- like the Fake News Media, the raging AntiFa SJWs, the shrieking Psycho Bitch third-wave feminists, and glib establishment turds floating in the punch bowl of life.

And, we in our naivete, believed these all to be "good, solid conservatives" who held every belief we held RIGHT DOWN THE LINE. The folks who were 100% staunch allies in every fight and skirmish we waged. I mean, they voiced their objections so fluently that they could hardly be otherwise.

Imagine my shock when I realized several of my faves are absolutely died-in-the-wool liberals and that, scant years ago, we would be toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye, ready to come to blows. (Insert the old bromide about politics and bedfellows here.) Anyway, two guys who are absolutely vicious about screaming at hypocrisy are actually very liberal in their views and yet their screeds are so suffused with reason that they will have you marveling at their ability to unravel the absurd and put things into focus.

I came to Dr Shaym from a tangential course of hopping from one recommended You Tube video after another. He is a master at ripping apart victocrat feminist and butt hurt SJW argument that he is a delight to watch. Presented here, however, is the other side of Dr Shaym where he provides a self-effacing glimpse into a life that can only be describes as spiraling in a power dive an instant away from impact. As one commenter opined, he should give his name and address to the U.N. so Biafrans can send him relief supplies. Below is a sample; look, enjoy, subscribe.

T. J. Kirk, The Amazing Atheist, is so wrong on do many levels that I find myself amazed that I like his work. (And by wrong, I do not mean that his opinions and views are wrong, I mean wrong in the sense of how can a person present himself so crudely and offensively and possess such an ability to dissect the preposterous, puerile arguments of the vapid, empty left so well and articulate his points with such razor wit.) His rants are truly approaching Carlan-esque levels. Add to the fact that he has led a disastrously wasteful life of drugs and bisexuality and truly questionable behavior and one wonders how he has risen to the level of success he has..

..until one follows his videos and see how he skewers the hypocritical and flays the inane:

His work runs along the lines of what a dismal and utter failure the left was in the last election and how they continue to blow it our their ass with the absurdity they belch these days. He does take pains to point out how their can right their ship if they ever care to listen. But if you read between the lines in his invective, you will see that this low regard for the left also transfers to the right and humanity basically.

Scarcely a model to aspire to, he is enjoyable to take in and I firmly believe that there are lessons to be found in his rants.

There are others and, when I have more time on my hands, I would like to explore this topsy turvy situation. But until then, As Kirk says:

"Peace the fuck out"

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