March 31, 2017

Give me a f**king break!

Didja checkout the Google logo today? I mean, really?

I mean, that's some weapons grade virtue signalling there!

What do these assholes at Google do up there in Silicone Valley? Do they have some department located deep in the bowels of their campus manned (personned?) by those smarmy, blissed out SJW-lites and nutless "B" personality men in this safe space with fuzzy pink wall paper, hot chocolate going all the time, Enya playing on the box, and puppy videos going while they get out their crayons and water colors and draw all this shit.

Tell you what, you precious little snowflakes, I'll go out and hug a muzzie and a kike and a fag and a gimp and a hermaphrodite and whatever else you got up there when you persuade the goat humpers to stop hacking off heads and throwing gays off of skyscrapers! How's that?

Aloha snackbar!

Just once, I'd like to crap on their cracker and see what stuff comes out.

..just sayin'

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