December 5, 2016

The Shrieking Harridan and a grain of truth..

I was watching Chris Wallace yesterday principally because I wanted to see Jill Stein make a consummate fool of herself and she did not disappoint. she was a shrieking harridan intent on pushing her strident meme to the max and left me with a generally disagreeable feeling about her as a person. (And folks say that trump is unhinged?)

However, this might sound a little perverse. I agreed with at least one point she made: these voting machines have no valid audit trail and can be susceptible to hacking. Most of us on the right and most of us who backed Trump feared -- along with The Donald -- that this election was going to be rigged and that voter fraud would be rampant. (How many blog threads, o best beloved, have you visited where there were comments to the effect "everyone vote so we can overcome the cheating"?) We expressed our disdain for the voting machines prior to this election and, the 2000 Gore recount debacle notwithstanding, would prefer hanging chads to some monolithic machine saying, in effect, "listen bub, when I say that 125% of the folks in this precinct voted Dem then you can suck rocks!"

C'mon! You know you did.

But this mess that has been stirred up by Jill Stein may turn out to benefit the nation in the future. It has engendered so much anger on the left and the right that ordinary, decent, good American citizens believe that we need a system that we can believe in. That, when the ballots are counted, we can be sure they were cast by U.S. citizens ONLY and that they were all eligible and alive. Perhaps it can drive congress and state legislatures clean up a lot of what's wrong with the election process in this country. I suggest the following:

(1) Voting machines MUST have a clearly discernible and traceable audit trail.

(2) Voter fraud must be eliminated or reduced inasmuch as possible.

(3) Registration of voters must involve an absolute 100% demonstration of U. S. citizenship.

The anger generated by her machinations should be used to drive the effort to eliminate crap like "motor voter" (#2 above) and Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, the Dallas Cowboy defensive line and all the stiffs in the local cemetery voting in Las Vegas (#3 above).

Yes, I realize that voting is a state-by-state issue and I live in California so, for the present, I will wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which fills up first.

Someone pass the roll of T.P. please.

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